About Sha'ari

"I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Sha'ari for a one on one music therapy session last night. The experience was AWESOME to say the least. Sha'ari has an eclectic collection of instruments and the room is filled with beautiful artwork. Sha'ari tailored the session for my specific need for centering and grounding and it was a powerful experience that left me feeling totally energized. I hope more people take advantage of this extremely talented and delightful woman who offers her gift of music therapy. The benefits are endless!"
C.A., Seattle, WA

Sha’ari Garfinkel is the director of Inner Listening and a specialist in the use of resonant sound in healing, ritual and therapy.  She is a nationally-board certified music therapist & licensed clinical social worker who plays gongs and other metal instruments, Native American flute, conch shell, shofar and french horn among others. 
 Sha'ari has played french horn professionally and has worked for major US orchestras in arts administration. She has also sung professionally and acted as both cantor and lay leader, facilitating spiritual experiences for Jewish and interfaith communities throughout the country.  Her interests in cross-cultural healing music traditions have taken her to all over the world including Bali, Israel, Turkey, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, Mexico & Canada in addition
to indigenous communities in Washington State, Arizona, New Mexico and British Columbia, Canada.

Sha'ari earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Oberlin College Conservatory in 1985 where she was a student of internationally-recognized music therapist Deforia Lane and french horn virtuoso Robert Fries. Later, Sha'ari earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston. In 1995, Sha'ari was awarded the title of Fellow by the Association for Music & Imagery. She has studied The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) with Linda Keiser Mardis (of blessed memory) of Archedigm and Acutonics® with Donna Carey & Marjorie De Muynk (of blessed memory) at the Kairos Institute in New Mexico. In 2002, Sha'ari was ordained as a minister in Washington State. She has studied gender with I Wayan Sinti, ancient Jewish shamanic healing with Rabbi Gershon Winkler and tribal earth based practices with Rabbi Sarah Etz Alon.

Sha'ari is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the Association for Music & Imagery, the Music Therapy Association of Washington and Sound Healers of Washington. She has over 25 years clinical experience in medical, emergency, psychiatric, chemical dependency, indigenous health, and hospice facilities. Sha'ari collaborated with shaman Rose De Dan and Reiki Master Eileen Dey using sound, energy and prayer to heal the Duwamish River and has participated in annual "Sing to the Trees" events at various parks throughout Seattle.

Sha'ari has conducted classes and workshops throughout the Seattle area including Swedish Medical Center's Cancer Institute and bedside sessions at the Regional Hospital for Respiratory & Complex Care in Tukwila, WA.
  In addition to being an Emergency Department Social Worker at Swedish Medical Center, Sha'ari maintains a practice at the Hummingbird Studio in West Seattle.  She offers Healing Gong Meditation Groups, Solstice and Equinox rituals, workshops, classes, continuing education for mental health professionals, individual counseling and therapy sessions, EMDR, weddings/partnership events and environmental healing. 

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