Click on the Paypal button of the item you wish to purchase.  It will open up a Paypal page where you can set up payment using a credit/debit card or bank account.  You may also pay by credit card in person however, you will not be eligible for special advance prices.

"I hope you feel the praises I’m singing about you!!!
You bring so much healing to this world."
M.J., Seattle, WA
Individual Private Sessions:

Counseling Promo - Two (2) 50-minute sessions per month for $120

Individual therapy 50-minute session, $95.

As Sha'ari is a licensed mental health provider, you may elect to use your mental health benefits for your individual sessions. Although we do not bill at this time, Sha'ari can provide you with paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Please discuss this with Sha'ari as every plan is different.

Gong Baths & Total Gong Immersion Workshops:

Gong Bath Group, $22 in advance

Gong Bath Group, $25 day-of/at the door

Total Gong Immersion Workshop, $49 in advance

Total Gong Immersion Workshop, $59 day of/at the door

Gift Certificates & Gong Parties: 

Gong Bath Group Gift Certificate - 1 session, $22 +S&H

Gong Party, up to 8 people, $150

Gong Party, up to 8 people plus refreshments, $185

Special & Seasonal Events:

Solstice Gong Immersion Event 

Solstice Gong Immersion Event 


From Metals Emerging CD, $15 +S&H

Continuing Education & Classes:

Introduction to Sound Therapy for Healing, $20

Soundings of the Self: Music Therapy for Mental Health & Wellness, $99 in advance

Soundings of the Self: Music Therapy for Mental Health & Wellness, day-of/at the door, $109

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