Hummingbird Studio - in the North Delridge neighborhood of West Seattle, WA

"Music therapist Sha’ari Garfinkel has created a soft, padded room for her work with gongs, flutes and other evocative instruments. Upon entering, I felt I was shedding the trappings of my keyed-up, demanding lifestyle. Under Sha’ari’s guidance and using sound-based relaxation techniques, I was able to spontaneously visualize shamans weaving a protective sheath around me to protect my frazzled nerves from further tension. When I left her womb-like space, I felt my own healing guides had helped me create a buffer zone to protect me from the onslaught of a lifestyle too often defined by cell phones and computers and deadlines."
L.L, Renton, WA


Our beautiful and serene studio in West Seattle incorporates both Asian and Northwest Coastal Native American design characteristics. With a resonating chamber and healing stone mandala installed beneath the floor, the structure was uniquely designed to maximize acoustical properties and healing potential. The studio houses dozens of instruments from around the world including five rare Paiste Planet and Sound Creation gongs.

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