Register for Classes, Groups & Workshops

Please email to register for any groups, classes, workshops or gatherings which require registration through Inner Listening.  Some events are hosted by other organizations and require registration with them. 

Registration fees can be paid on the Buy page.  Payment is also accepted at the door for most events but, in some cases, may be higher.

"Emotions are pouring out of me in buckets; and when the session ends, I am inspired to write a poem. And this is only my first encounter…Some studies suggest if may promote efficient electrical activity in nerves and muscles - as well as affect the releaseof endorphins (the body's natural pain relievers)… and immune system substances…Many of Garfinkel's clients are seriously ill and use the therapy to speed their healing - whether it be physical, mental or spiritual."
"The Power of Music," Houston Life Magazine, Mar 19 - Apr 15, 1995, Houston, TX
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