Help Feed the Children 

of Indian Performing Artists Impacted by COVID-19.

​Just $5 makes all the difference!

Inner Listening Therapies


During this pandemic, many musicians and dancers are suffering in silence. Thousands in India are lacking funds to meet basic needs while their dignity and shame keeps them from speaking out and asking for help. Most were already living marginally, hand-to-mouth and reliant on tourism to earn their livlihoods.  


Started in 2019 by Mr. Nawab Khan,santoorist and music therapist from Jodhpur, India, Raaga Science was initially a small project intended to spread music as a healing modality. At the start, the initiative was to provide an online live stream of Indian Classical Music presented by accomplished musicians and accompanied by detailed explanations.  The idea was to present music not just as a "feel good" panacea but to deepen the viewer's understanding of how it could be embraced a meditative practice to enhance a healthy mind, body and soul. 

However, after the effects of the pandemic began to take a bigger toll, the immediate goals of the organization shifted once the plight of so many artists became known.  India is the home of so many sacred and unique cultural practices and styles.  There are actually entire villages comprises solely of performing artists who continue traditions that have been passed down by generations before them.  Raaga Science is documenting these traditions, providing performance opportunities and spreading the work about this vital and precious human resource.  They have already provided food for over 500 families but the goal is to help support 5000 families!


You don’t need to save a whole village - just the resolve to help one artist family!  Act now. You can either make a straight donation or become a member of the Raaga Science community. Membership grants you access to 6 months of live concerts, recorded concerts, classes and interviews.  For just $14, you can make a huge difference to one of the 5000 families we aim to help.