Inner Listening Therapies

Total Gong Immersion Workshop

Half day workshops which offer progressively deeper gong-induced altered states and an opportunity for personal growth and profound well-being.

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music

Developed by the late visionary music therapist, Helen Bonny, this form of therapy taps into the wellspring of your own imagination with the support of an experienced facilitator using specially-designed music.  This therapy is deeply relaxing and progress is often made after just one appointment.  Sessions are best delivered as an intensive series to quickly get to the heart of issues.  This is a great option for people who find it difficult are looking for something creative and different.  New clients, click here.

Counseling & Trauma Therapy

Sound Therapy 

Individual sessions available featuring singing bowls, rattles, gongs and more. Excellent for mind/body and stress-related issues. No music experience necessary.  New clients click here.

Gong Bath

Paiste planet gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles and other instruments facilitate change and stimulate vibration that leads to a healthful state of harmony.  Each gong has a unique healing character and sends a different resonance profile. Sessions are customized for participants and include info about the gongs, the specific healing properties of the studio and a uniquely improvised meditation experience.  Plenty of explanation is provided for newcomers.

Hebraic Shamanic Healing

Using ancient tribal methods, Hebrew incantations and powerful ritual, Sha'ari offers unique & customized experiential healings.

Music/Sound Therapy

Alternative & Creative Therapy

Most individual sessions are 50 minutes long and are $110 for 2018.  

Types of therapies can be offered in combination. 

MARI Mandala Assessment and Mandala Art Therapy

Using the meanings suggested by archetypal images, this therapy reflects a constellation of your present life  back to you in a colorful and sympbolic way.  Perfect for people who are curious about what art & self-expression can tell us. No  art experience necessary.  Two 50-minute sessions are required to complete this assessment and share results. New clients click here.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

Often times, troubling or traumatic experiences get locked up in our memories, leaving us upset and unable to function rationally months or even years after the original occurrence. EMDR works with memory pathways to disentangle and resolve these hurts, helping us to integrate our experiences and move forward.  Sha'ari is a trained EMDR practitioner.  New clients, click here.

Counseling/Talk Therapy/Psychotherapy

Having someone really listen to you can be the first step toward emotional health and wholeness. Using a strengths-focused approach, together we will find ways to effect positive change in your life. Approaches include brief therapy, problem-solving therapy, Behavioral Activation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Jungian-influenced psychotherapy and Motivational Interviewing.  New clients, click here.