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Our mission is to enhance the  health and 

wellbeing of  

people using

words, imagery, the brain's natural healing ability, sound and silence.

Inner Listening Therapies

Here's how I can help You ~

​Yes, you CAN feel better.  I treat Anxiety & Stress, Depression, Coping Skills, Creative Blocks, Grief/Loss, Relationship Issues, Negative Thinking, Spirituality, Substance Use, Job  & Life Challenges, Trauma & PTSD, Counseling Psychology.  

We will use one of all of the following - talking, insight, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), sound and music therapy, meditation, MARI mandala assessments and more!

On-site counseling at the Hummingbird Studio in Seattle, WA.  Online video therapy is available if you live in Washington, Idaho, Kansas or North Carolina.  

"You are doing very important work!  I felt so was a lovely experience even besides the actual gongs...your studio is very relaxing and comfortable by itself.  Look forward to next month." 
                      J.O., Sammamish, WA

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