Current Private Clients are eligible to receive $10 off the cost of group or individual Gong Baths - please inquire.   Sha'ari strongly recommends that you take advantage of this service since it can have a tremendous impact on anxiety, stress and worry, all of which tend to compound and complicate any existing challenges or issues.

Current Private Clients also receive 10% off the purchase of singing bowls and sound therapy tools.  Please inquire.

Please read and complete required forms prior to our first session.  When completed, please go to the contact page to upload or you can bring hard copies to our first session.  Thanks!

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Please complete these additional forms which are required in order to provide tele-mental health services:

  • Teletherapy Services Consent
  • Helpful Hints for Teletherapy

We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform called VSee.  Please download  prior to our first teletherapy session.

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